Are you a good driver?

We all know Drivermod relates to your skill level of driving.  Whether if it's Time Attack, Drag Racing, Roll Racing, or Street Racing the driver plays a very important role in success.  You can have a very fast car but if you don't know how to control or utilize it's full potential the car wont produce it's best results.  This is where practice makes perfect.  The more seat time and experience you get the more comfortable and confident you will get with your car.  This is how you get stock unmodded cars outperforming modded cars.  It all comes down to the driver, that is where the saying "Drivermod" originated from.

It's always embarrassing to show up to the event in your highly modded car and having a stock car keep up or beat you.  Make sure you are getting your reps and seat time in.  Some drivers, if not most, recommend learning your car when it's stock, OEM factory.  This way when you mod your car you understand exactly the effects of it.  For example if you drive your car with stock suspension and then you upgrade to coilovers you'll be able to feel the difference.  You'll know if there is more or less body roll, if the car now has more oversteer or understeer.  Understanding how these mods effect your car will help you understand how to adjust and tune them. 

  • If there is too much oversteer you can adjust your shock dampening.
  • If you are rubbing your fender liner you can adjust your ride height. 
  • If your car is too bouncy you might need to change your spring rates.

These are just a few examples of why starting from scratch is a good method.  You can fine tune the car to your driving style and produce the best results.  Optimizing your mods by tuning them will also help you get the the most out of your money.  A simple tire or wheel change can create phenomenal results

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