DOT to regulate EV Electric Vehicles?

DOT to regulate EV Electric Vehicles?

We all know how popular EV's are and how easily they have outperformed their ICE (internal combustion engine) counterparts.  Some of the quickest vehicles right now are electric vehicles.  Vehicles like the Tesla Model S Plaid, Porsche Taycan Turbo S, and Rimac Nevera which can achieve 0-60mph times in under 3 seconds.  The Rimac Nevera has a claim 0-60mph of 1.85 seconds!  Yes 1.85 seconds.  Even your more affordable Tesla Model 3 can achieve 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds and the Rivian R1T truck can hit 60 mph in 3.2 seconds.  That's as fast as most ICE sports cars have been in recent times. 

This is a dawn of a new era, a new horsepower battle almost.  Imagine 60 mph in a blink of an eye as we are almost there.  How much can change on the road at those speeds?  Obviously the under 2 second 0-60mph will be reserved for the performance market, but even at 3 seconds that's blistering speed that requires focus and control.  It'll be like putting a NHRA drag car in the hands of your average driver.

So how soon before the US Government or DOT steps in to set limits on these EV vehicles?  If I remember correctly it was the Buick Grand National that was too fast for it's tires, causing the DOT to set speed limiters and enforce specific speed rating tire applications.  Even though EV's do not have a high top speed like their ICE counterparts their 0-60mph times are much quicker.  The more Car Manufactures switch over to EVs the more common these performance numbers will become.  The COP26 pledge from Automakers to transition to 100% zero-emission sales of new cars and vans by 2040 globally and by 2035 in "leading markets" already support this theory.  Let's face it your Grandma, the Student Driver, or the average Prius owner might not be able to handle such power.  

This makes us believe some form of performance throttling will be created to control and limit just how quick EVs should be.  Even Tire Manufactures will have to step up their game so EVs don't blow their tires off.  Imagine how long tires will last after several launches and how much traction will be needed from tires.  Not everyone can daily drive on a 15" rear wheel Mickey Thompson drag set up.  How much traction will 700lb-ft have in the wet or snow?  Not just car tires but even truck tires.  As mentioned before the Rivian R1T pick up truck can do 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and has 908 lb-ft of torque.  So now you'll need a sticker compound made in pick up truck tire sizes.  

For future reference we are not sure if that 16 year old teenager would be able to control an EV as their first hand me down vehicle.  If regulations do hit would these early model EV's be the classics of their era just like early muscle cars were?  We are not sure but we are loving the performance aspects that EVs can offer.  Also with the new aftermarket companies popping up this gives us hope in the auto enthusiasts future.

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