JDMMerch render of the GR Sienna.  With an i-Force V6 Twin-Turbo, GR-Four rally inspired AWD, larger brakes, and an aero kit.

GR Sienna

With the release of the latest GR Corolla the excitement for Toyota vehicles has returned.  Just like the 90's the return of the Toyota trifecta might be upon us.  In the 90's Toyota had the Supra, Mr2, and Celica All-Trac, now Toyota has the GR Supra, GR 86, and GR Corolla.  One for power, one for fun, and one for rally.  

With that being said and the recent enthusiasm for vans, Toyota should create a GR Sienna.  Take the mid tier V6 twin turbo from the Tundra, an i-Force 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6, 389 hp @ 5200 rpm, 479 lb.-ft. @ 2400 rpm.  Put that in a Sienna along with the newest GR-FOUR AWD from the GR Corolla, bigger brakes, some aero upgrades, and it should make for a fun daily kid hauler.  The Tundra with this motor according to Google achieves 18 city / 24 highway.  The Sienna being 1000lbs less, more aerodynamic, and a lower center of gravity, we don't see 20 city / 25+ Highway being unobtainable.

Here's our render of a GR Sienna.  Inspired by the GR Supra it has the front and side lower aero diffusers.  Also side vent air ducts on the sliding doors and front fender vents relative to where they would be on the GR Supra.  Like the GR Corolla it has sportier wheels and a larger rear upper spoiler.  We then added larger brakes and blacked out the trim to complete the package.  No GR badge you say?  Well it would be on the back trunk hatch for that subtle flex.

So Toyota please consider creating a fun minivan for us enthusiasts who want to be able to haul the kids, take road trips, and have fun at the same time.  Maybe if Dodge goes forward with a Hellcat or SRT Pacifica Toyota will take notice?  Either way we are excited for what Toyota has to offer.  GR Sienna?  Where do we sign!?

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