Is that a Supra?  RSP Supra.

Is That A Supra?

Is That a Supra?  Why is this one of our most popular Hoodies?

Now you can custom your own "Is that a Supra Hoodie."  Tired of the Supra stealing all the thunder?  Now you can change it to whatever you want.  Is that a Hemi?  Is that a LS? Is that a 240?  Is that a project car?  Whatever it may be you can have it!  Perfect for car nuts or gifts.

A little background....

Probably the most popular Toyota Supra MKIV with videos, memes, and merchandise.  Every Supra driver has heard this or has had "Is that a Supra!?" shouted at them when driving their Supra.  Is it funny?  Is it annoying?  To each their own.  The person saying it is probably thinking it's funny, the person hearing it is probably annoyed of it because they hear it 10x a day.  Maybe the person shouting it is trying to be annoying and the person hearing it actually loves the attention? 

RSP Supra

Why "Is that a Supra?"  However you feel about it the term was created due to the Toyota Supra becoming more and more rare.  These cars are barely ever seen on the road and for most late 80's early 90's kids this was their dream JDM car.  So seeing one will bring excitement and memories of childhood.  It's just like seeing a Lamborghini or Ferrari almost.  Maybe even more rare as Lamborghinis and Ferraris can still be seen at dealerships and your local Cars and Coffee meet.  While the Supra, the mkiv Supra to be exact, is no longer produced.  So spotting one in the wild, on the road, is definitely a site to see.  Given those circumstances the Supra is now moving into the collectors market and appreciating in value.  Obtaining one is becoming more and more difficult to do.  Even if you have the budget or funds to purchase one the rarity of them can make it a long process.  Depending on the color, trim, and options, it may take you years to find that perfect one.

Custom yours HERE!

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