The Perfect Diaper Bag

The Perfect Diaper Bag

I don't know how many times I've gone to a car meet and wished I had a cool diaper bag to match the occasion.  Well here's the perfect bag for you!

Baby Sponsorships Diaper Backpack

When my family and I pack up in the Supra and headed to a car show we use to bring along a plain Eddie Bauer diaper bag.  It held all the essential baby needs like diapers, wipes, formula, a pacifier, some toys, and an extra change of clothes.  I've noticed other parents at these car shows and car meets also had just plain bland backpacks or diaper bags.  They would have cool cars that expressed their style, vision, and love for the sport but never a cool bag.  So I decided this needed to change, just like cell phone cases, everyone wants something unique to them.  

Eventually I changed to a Harley Davidson backpack that I received as a gift.  It was a little more appropriate for the events I attended but still not good enough.  Harley Davidson doesn't really mix in at an Import Tuner car show to be exact and plus I didn't ride so it was like false advertisement.  So here is the design I came up with.  Car sponsors are cool and their decals are iconic and instantly noticeable.  I changed their iconic logos to reflect baby supplies though as we, as parents, spend so much money in the baby market we deserve some sponsorships.  So here is your car inspired diaper bag with your own sponsorships...somewhat.  It's not really a sponsorship but it's cool to look at and will go hand in hand with you at your next car event.


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