About Us

AE86 hachi roku hoodie

JDMMerch&Swag was created by car enthusiasts just like you.  We share the same passion and love for cars as you.  It's more than just a hobby for us, it's a lifestyle.  That is what made us transition from having this as a hobby to actually turning it into a lifestyle. 

JDMMerch&Swag is a small privately owned start up that was created during the pandemic.  As tough times hit everyone, shows and meets came to a halt, we decided to try and make something positive out of it.   Here is another way to express your love for the hobby.  Share your passion with others, your kids, and to bridge the gap.  We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.  Our automotive inspired graphic tees and merchandise will compliment your style where ever you go.

Happy Modding!